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Dog Grooming Clipper Blade and Scissor Sharpening

Do you run a dog grooming parlour, or cut your own dog's hair? We can sharpen your clipper blades and scissors to make sure your tools are in top condition.

Sharp clipper blades will ensure your clippers cut more easily, giving a better finish and neater results. If you blades are becoming blunt and not cutting so effectively there's no need to replace them - we can sharpen them and bring your tools back to life.

Whether you're a professional dog groomer needing a bit of expert help to keep your blades in top condition, or your a dog owner who clips their own dog's hair at home, we pride ourselves on our capacity to keep clippers cutting more safely and for longer by giving them a new lease of life with a fantastic new cutting edge.

We use the best sharpening machines available on the market - imported from the USA - to give the best edge every time.

Dog grooming clipper blade sharpening


  • Scissors: £10.00 per pair
  • Scissors Bulk Discount: £8.00 per pair if sharpening 8 pairs of more
  • Clipper Blades: £7.00 per set

New Clipper Blades and Clippers for Sale

Premier Edge Blade Sharpening can source quality new clippers and clipper blades. If your blades have reached the end of their serviceable life or you need new equipment, please get in touch with us for a quote.

Just want to say a massive thank you for doing a fabulous job on all my dog grooming scissors and blades.

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