Premier Edge Sharpening Services

Sharpening by Post: If you would like your blades sharpening you can send them to us click here to find out more!

Wood Saw Blade Sharpening

Whether you're a professional joiner, carpenter or builder needing a bit of expert help to keep your blades in top condition, or a keen amateur, we pride ourselves on our capacity to keep saw blades cutting more safely and for longer by giving them a new lease of life with a fantastic new cutting edge. A sharp blade will cut more quickly and easily and provide a neater finish.

Wood saw blade sharpening


  • Per Tooth: £0.25
  • Price capped at £15 per blade

Mobile Saw Blade and Scissor Sharpening Service

Our mobile service means we can come to you, reducing the time you will be without your tools and ensuring we can deliver the quality of service you require. Click here to find out more about our mobile sharpening service.

Excellent job on these saw blades, you could shave with these!

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