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Scissor Blade Sharpening

At Premier Edge Blade Sharpening we know that properly sharpened scissors are vital for a quality cut.

We can completely overhaul your prized scissors - sharpen the blades and re-assmble, returning them to you in fantastic condition, ready for the next cut.

If you're a professional hairdresser looking to get your scissors reconditioned, giving them a new cutting edge will ensure they keep cutting for years to come.

Scissor blade sharpening


  • Dressmaking Scissors
    • Scissors: £8.00
    • Pinking Shears: £6.00
  • Haidressing Scissors
    • Bevel: £10.00
    • Convex: £15.00
    • Thinners: £10.00
  • Scissors Bulk Discount: Discounts available for bulk orders
Really speedy and great service from Lucy this week. It’s great to have my equipment back to its former glory!

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